SP Associates (International) Ltd is a consultancy specialising in advisors (consulting) services and management development interventions in relation to strategy, programme management and business transformation. Since 2005, SP Associates (International) Ltd has undertaken assignments in the UK and continental Europe, and occasionally in North America, Africa and the Middle East.


The consulting work ranges from traditional analytical consulting interventions to tailored workshops aimed at effecting change within organisations. Our consultants facilitate strategy formulation processes, contributing both ideas and strategy frameworks, and help managers to design and undertake strategy implementation programmes and complex organisational change initiatives.


Dr Sergio Pellegrinelli, a Director of SP Associates (International) Ltd, has developed and honed the Grounded Experiential Learning (GEL) approach to management development. He and our other experienced consultants are highly skilled facilitators, effortlessly blending a depth of knowledge and experience with wit and humour. Our approach is to combine intellectual rigour with a flexible, pragmatic approach to engaging participants on our programmes and courses, and to support them in achieving personal and business change.


Contact: sergio.pellegrinelli@sp-associates.com